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Early 2000
Exploration into Coding and Design
Dove into the digital world by building websites on Geocities, developing a passion for design and technology. Built my first website, marking the official start of my professional journey in web design.
Breakthrough in Design
I secured my first significant design role at Ignition Skateshop, Europe’s second largest skateshop. I was developing and refining the brand's visual identity.
March 2012
Designer at Lomography
At Lomography, I played a crucial role in design and video. For six years, I devoted countless hours to designing landing pages, newsletters, and supporting various stages of the design process. I contributed to numerous successful Kickstarter campaigns that collectively raised over $5 million.
February 2014
Co-founding an Agency
Together with Mladjan, I co-founded a design agency that quickly grew to a 14-person team. We focused on creating and scaling innovative startups and SaaS products.
Co-founding Car:go
Launched Car:go, my first startup venture, and successfully sold it later. This experience showed the importance of strategic vision and execution in the competitive startup landscape.
Design Leadership at Stellup
Design team lead at Stellup, focusing on innovative user interfaces and user experiences. Alongside Vincenzo, I learned that networking is more than just business.
Recognition in Photography
Achieved over 210 million views and 2 million downloads of my Unsplash photographs.
Confidential Work with High-profile Clients
Designed for prestigious clients under NDA, including Mercedes-Benz and Thyssenkrupp.
Agency Acquisition
I navigated complex decisions, including rejecting a buyout offer from a major German company.
2018 - 2020
Lead Designer at Mark:Space
As the Lead UI Designer at Mark:Space, I created visually appealing and user-friendly digital experiences for the app, which helped users move contacts, calendars, photos, videos, device settings and more to their new Android device from their old iOS or Android device.
Integrating Design, Photography, and Music
I began producing music as part of my creative process, integrating it with my design and photography world.
2020 - 2023
Design and Dev Role at Ucon Acrobatics
I combined my skills in design and development at Ucon Acrobatics, pushing the brand forward.

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